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Bravo Zulu Home Inspections provides a comprehensive and detailed home inspection which will include a thorough examination of these critical systems:

Exterior: siding, flashing, trim, eaves, doors, windows, garage doors, decks, porches, driveway, walks, patios, and landscaping.

Roofing: materials, chimney, drainage, gutters, roof penetrations, rafters, joists, and structural supports.

Electrical: service entrance and equipment, grounding equipment, distribution panels, light fixtures, receptacles, and switches.

Plumbing:  functional flow and distribution of water supply, fixtures and faucets, interior drainage and waste system, hot water system, chimneys, flues, and vents.

Heating and Air Conditioning: heating equipment and distribution system, cooling and air handling equipment.  

Interior: walls, floors, ceilings, steps, stairways, railings, cabinets, counters, windows, doors, and hardware.

Insulation / Ventilation: moisture control, unfinished attic, basement, and crawlspace.

Structure: foundation, walls, floors, columns, ceilings, roofs, and sump pumps.

During the inspection, I will communicate my findings with you. Within 24 hours, I will provide a detailed written report summarizing what we discussed.  

Radon Testing consists of placing a continuous monitor in the lower level for at least 48 hours. This method is more accurate with quicker results as compared to the charcoal canister method. Scheduling the radon test with the home inspection is more cost effective.

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